Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hard Candy Black Tie Optional over a Pink to Orange Gradient!

Hey everybody! Check out the light box I made all by myself!

Homemade Light Box

I can take pictures at night and have consistent and even light!!!!!!!!!

I took these pictures last night! I'm so happy and excited if you can't tell! Today I have swatches of China Glaze Dance Baby and a pink to orange gradient topped with black and white glitter for you! The lighting doesn't look amazing in the swatch pictures, but I think that's because Dance Baby is a bad colour on me and it makes my skin look weird and kind of tan. However, I am so happy with the gradient with glitter pictures because I think the lighting looks awesome!

Onto the photos!

China Glaze Dance Baby

This is two coats of China Glaze Dance Baby and no top coat! The formula of this polish was awesome and it was almost a one-coater! This polish was super easy to work with.

China Glaze Dance Baby

Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

The orange used in this gradient was Essie Tart Deco and the black and white glitter is the famous Hard Candy Black Tie Optional!

Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

Thanks for having a look! Please let me know in the comments if you think the new lighting looks good and if you prefer it and the background over what I used to use! :)


  1. ohh I love that pink!! I like the new lighting, but I liked the old lighting too! looks great!

    1. I'm not sure about it yet, but I love it in the gradient! Thank you! :) I might tweak the light box a bit and add another layer of parchment paper to the sides and top. Thanks so much! :)