Monday, 1 July 2013

American Nail Polish Haul! =)

So I've been going a little shopping crazy here in Washington, but good news, I'm back in Canada so the spending has stopped! All of the nail polish is at least a few dollars cheaper here and the tax is a smaller percentage so I couldn't help buying twenty-two new polishes! Let's not even talk about the clothes, sunglasses and shoes I bought! Eek! My incredibly lovely boyfriend gave me some money to spend on myself for this trip, and I was talked into accepting it by him and his silly mother! I still feel like a jerk for doing so, but I have some seriously awesome new babies making it hard for me to feel too bad! :P I apologize for the quality of these photos, the fancy camera I usually use is my sister's so I just took these with my phone! Can you believe I bought every colour of polish but blue? Blue is my most worn nail polish colour, which is also strange because green is my favourite colour.

Anyways, onto the polishes!

I've been lemming so many of these polishes since they came out and just seeing all of them makes me excited to use them all!

American Apparel

Left to right: Moon and Angeline

I feel like you could layer Moon over any light colour without changing it drastically, and bam, your nails glow greenish yellow in the dark! I've realized lately that I actually don't have many pinks in my collection, or even most shades of pink! Angeline is definitely a pink unique to my stash!


Left to right: Destiny and Miranda

I'm wearing Destiny right now and it's freaking awesome! I'll be posting pictures taken from my phone (not my sister's nice camera unfortunately) of Destiny in a day or two! As you can probably tell (seeing that nine of these twenty-two polishes are matte textured polishes) I love matte textured polishes! I wish I could have found some of the fall Pixie Dust polishes because I'd love to buy almost that whole collection!


Left to right: Honey Ryder, You're Such a Budapest, My Vampire is Buff, Care to Danse?, Pirouette My Whistle, Gold Shatter, and Black Shatter

Apart from the shatters, these are all huge lemmings of mine (squee!) and I feel like you could do a cool matte and shiny look with a shatter polish. I had convinced myself that I had a colour similar to You're Such a Budapest and I'm not sure why because I don't. I'm so happy I let myself finally buy it, it's one of the most gorgeous polishes that exist in the world in my mind! Also, both of the shatter polishes were $1.80. OPI for less than two dollars? Sign me up!

I think everything I'm writing under each picture is to try and justify buying so much polish. Especially when my two polish racks are so full that they could only fit one or two more polishes! There's always the tops of the racks for two more polish I guess, though I was trying to avoid putting them up there!


Left to right: Naughty Nautical and DJ Play That Song

Green is my favourite colour and Naughty Nautical is a super awesome greenish teal with silver shimmer! Usually I'm not one for shimmer, but there isn't a lot in this polish and it really makes it unique. DJ Play That Song is just a lovely neon purple jelly that I've been eyeing since it came out and I think it goes really well with my skin tone! I can't wait to use it in a jelly sandwich!

Singles: Essence, China Glaze and Hard Candy

Left to right: Essence Mrs and Mr Glitter, China Glaze Bump & Grind and Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

I can't wait to try all of these! I didn't love Black Tie Optional at first, but all the lovely people on Reddit Laqueristas convinced me it was awesome with their swatches!

Sally Hansen

Left to right: Lick-O-Rich, Sour Apple, Cherry Drop, Sugar Fix, Sweetie and Tweedy

I kind of fell in love with the Sugar Coat collection right before I found them in store and I think I'll be swatching them this week! Tweedy is the coolest polish of the Fuzzy Coat collection in my opinion because it looks like TV static, and since it's black and white it can be layered over any polish! Neither of these collections are available in Canada as far as I know and I don't know that they ever will be, so who in their right mind wouldn't buy their favourites? ;)

I'm way too excited about this last item here, my first ever Rhinestone Pickerr Uperr! Whitney from Dressed Up Nails had awesome things to say about it! You should check out her blog if you never have, she's so talented and lovely! I can't wait to try picking up studs and rhinestones and placing them with more precision and ease. I'm also curious to see if this baby plays well with small glitters, because the dipping an orange stick in top coat method is a bit of a pain!

Thank you so much for reading as always, I hope you're all having a lovely day! :)


  1. Wauw, what a nice haul! Look forward to see those Sugar Coats in action ;)

    1. I'm completely in love with all of them! I won't leave them in the trunk all alone, I've been taking them with me into the different hotels we've been staying in XD. I can't wait to swatch the Sugar Coats and see them in action too! :)

  2. Oh WOW, what a great haul! I really like the Sugar Coats too they look great as do the Zoyas. Very jealous of your haul but I know what you mean about not really needing more polish, ah well, doesn't mean we can't enjoy it :D I hope you share your other hauls, visits to the US are just so much fun :)

    fellow canadian,

    1. I completely agree, I love them all! Haha, I try not to buy a ton (not even 3 or more in one shopping trip) when I'm in Canada. When I was in the States I just went crazy because I had money to spend and everything was cheaper haha! :) We're thinking of making this an annual trip so maybe I'll have an annual US polish haul! :)