Monday, 22 July 2013

Black and White Glitter Topper Comparison and Julep Adriana!

Hey all! Today I have a swatch of Julep Adriana and a black and white glitter polish comparison to show you featuring two indie polishes!

I bought a bunch of black and white glitter polishes recently and I've hardly/never used them! I kind of fell in love with all the glitter toppers featured in this post and I'm thinking of doing a gradient topped with one of them and posting that tomorrow!

I've made myself a light box but I still need some white light lightbulbs and a few lamps, so bear with the inconsistent lighting! Maybe I'll post my gradient topped with black and white glitter tonight if I get my light box in working order by then!

Anyways, onto the pictures!

Julep Adriana

I took a few pictures in the Sun of Adriana after I took these shade pictures, and I noticed it had bubbled pretty badly. What you see here is two coats and no top coat! I didn't wait very long between coats, but I waited as long as I do swatching Black Sheep Lacquer polishes and they have never bubbled on me!

Julep Adriana

Black and White Glitter Polish Comparison

Thumb and ring finger: Hard Candy Black Tie Optional
Index finger: Dollish Polish Putting on the Ritzzz!
Middle finger: Black Sheep Lacquer A Letter to the New York Post
Pinkie finger: Sally Hansen Tweedy

They were all super easy to work with and had lovely formulas!

Black and White Glitter Polish Comparison

Black and White Glitter Polish Comparison

Let me know if you have a favourite or any questions in the comments! Thanks for reading my lovely people! :)

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