Saturday, 29 March 2014

Butter London Wellies Swatch & Review!

Hey everyone! Today I have a swatch of Butter London Wellies to share!

As you may have noticed, I've been a very bad blogger lately and I'm really sorry for that! I almost wrote my entire term paper for genetics last weekend and then had two midterms last week, so I've been pretty busy! Things will slow down over the next two weeks but then BAM, it's finals time. I'll try to prepare some posts ahead of time for finals weeks like I did last semester so I don't go missing for a week or two!

Butter London Wellies

I also just got a new Macbook last night and I'm so happy about it! It's a 13'' Macbook Pro and it has 500 gigs of storage which is the main reason I got it. My old 11'' Macbook Air was half the weight (which I might miss when I'm carrying this thing around at school) but it only had 60 gigs of storage. That is totally not enough for a nail blogger! I only ever had about a gig of free space left and I was constantly having to move nail pictures onto my external hard drive. I couldn't even get updates because it was so full! It's also really cool because my old computer is perfect for my non-nail-blogger sister, so now she has an awesome little laptop! Anyways, onto the nails!

Butter London Wellies

About a week ago I posted a couple of pictures of this lovely polish on Instagram and I'm just now blogging about it! Wellies is a chartreuse crelly that is a tiny bit streaky even after three coats. I loved the colour and other than the streakiness the formula was awesome! I really really like this polish!

Butter London Wellies

What you see here is three coats and a coat of top coat! I did each coat closer together than I usually do and that didn't cause any bubbling, so it seemed to dry really fast!

Butter London Wellies

My lovely boyfriend bought me this polish and a few others recently, despite the fact that he didn't really like the colour of this one! He's too lovely :).

Butter London Wellies

I did end up doing some nail art on top of this, but I went in without a plan and ended up really disliking it. You can see a picture of it on my Instagram if you're curious!

Butter London Wellies

Thank you so much for reading everyone! I'd love to know what you think of this colour in the comments! Happy Saturday! =)


  1. I have to say your not the only one being a bad blogger at the moment, my overtime just went crazy the last two weeks! So don't feel bad. Weeklies is a really nice colour, shame its a tad streaky. Brilliant post and great idea to prepare them in advanced! :)

    1. Haha exactly, life gets busy! I know, but I love it anyways! :)