Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Flower Fragment/Petal Nail Art!

Hey everyone! Today I have some flower petal/flower fragment nail art to share!

School is getting close to being over so I'm happy to report I only have a few assignments/labs and one midterm left to do! I'm super proud of myself for submitting my genetics paper early for edits, and tomorrow I'll be submitting it one more time for a final edit. I'm so glad that our teacher offered to do that for us, especially more than once! So tonight I'll be adding to my paper and taking some of his suggestions into consideration and finishing it up! Can you tell my life has been dominated by school lately and I have nothing remotely interesting to talk about? ;) Onto the nails!

Flower Petal/Fragment Nail Art

I didn't manage to get a picture of the base here on its own, as there was already tip-wear from a few days of wear by the time I thought about photographing it (see? bad blogger lately). Instead, I decided to throw some nail art on top! I was originally going for MrCandiipants' most famous floral design (video tutorial here), but I ended up liking the look of my nails part way through. I especially love the colour combo, I think these three colours look so awesome together!

Flower Petal/Fragment Nail Art

The polishes I used here are all by Nicole by OPI, Back to Reality... TV (the purpley grey base with pink shimmer), Strike a Pose (coral) and "Baby" Blue (blue)! I used a brush I recently received in a three-piece set from Born Pretty Store to review for the petals/lines, which I'll have a proper review up of soon!

Flower Petal/Fragment Nail Art

I'm planning to actually do the famous MrCandiipants design tonight while I'm working on my term paper, with a fresh white base and just the bottles from the brush (like in her tutorial, but with a pure white base)! Does anyone else ever forget that OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls isn't white? Real white jumps kind of jumps out at you, but I think I trained my eyes/brain to think of MBSW as white. Anyway, today I'm going to use a real white for the base!

Flower Petal/Fragment Nail Art

I've also chopped off my nails again, do any of you think it's unprofessional for my nails to slowly get longer on my blog and then suddenly go back to nubbins? It's clearly inconsistent, but is it something you think I should change? Let me know! My nails just grow so darn fast! :P

Flower Petal/Fragment Nail Art

Thank you so much for reading everyone! I hope positive more interesting things are happening in your guys' lives! Happy Tuesday! =)


  1. Really lovely design, looks really simple to do? I don't think it's unprofessional to shorten your nails or they'd be growing forever (and that wouldn't look as good) but I am quite bias as I've been keeping my nails short recently...

    1. It was really easy to do! :) That's awesome to hear! I was just wondering if I should be filing them a little between manis so that they stay a consistent length, but I'm too lazy to do that! :P I'm loving short nails lately too! :)