Friday, 29 November 2013

Frosty Dot Nail Art!

Hey everyone! Today I have some simple dot nail art to share! When do I not have simple nail art for you, you ask? Seldom or never because I always do both of my hands the same and my left hand is not so skilled :P.

I have my last midterm next week and my last week of school for the semester! Crazy right, a midterm in the last week of school? I agree, but obviously there's nothing I can do about it! I guess I could study for it (and I really should) but I've yet to start and the test is Monday! That's just typical Bailey though, and I do get good grades, I swear! Is there anything exciting or stressful happening next week for you guys? Let me know in the comments!

And now, onto nail stuff! If you read my last post about deciding which hand positions to use in my pictures, you'll notice I chose C, F and H thanks to your help! I really love when you guys comment about anything at all, so never refrain from commenting if you're thinking about it! :)

Finally, onto these nails specifically. I was going for a bit of a wintery fish scale design, but I didn't go full out fish scale because if you guys don't know already, I have an irrational fear of fish. It's called ichtyrophobia and it's real haha! The only fish I don't find horrendously ugly and disgusting are tropical ones. When my family and I went to Fiji two summers ago I saw some Nemos (clownfish) and my sister said it was the cutest thing because I swam down towards one (keeping my distance) and waved at it :).

So many tangents today! I started with one coat of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (pictured below) and that's really all you need; it's amazingly opaque! I then went in with Revlon Dreamer and put a ton of dots on each nail. I included a picture of me holding Dreamer because I wanted to bring out the small amount of it that hadn't been covered up! After that, I repeated this step with American Apparel Mount Royale and finally OPI Solitare! I think some of the dots look 3-D because they're placed not quite on top of other ones (you can see one in the middle of my middle finger nail). Even though only about half of each of my nails is covered in OPI Solitare, I find this look too frosty and shiny looking for my taste. We can't love all of the manis we do though! I do find it deliciously wintery because of the frost finish, so it has that going for it!

Onto the pictures!

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue- one coat, no top coat

Frosty Dot Nail Art

Frosty Dot Nail Art

Frosty Dot Nail Art

Frosty Dot Nail Art

Frosty Dot Nail Art

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you're all doing well on this lovely Friday morning! What do you think of these nails? :)

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