Saturday, 1 August 2015

Pastel Water Marble Featuring Renaissance Cosmetics Spring Found Me!

Hello everybody! Today I have a pastel water marble look to share to match the glitters in Renaissance Cosmetics Spring Found Me!

I've been cleaning and redecorating my room lately, as well as getting rid of tons of clothes. I am quite the disorganized and untidy person (not dirty though) and I have a lot of trouble getting rid of things. I'm trying to change my ways because I really love being in my room when it's tidy and so does one of my cats; Dmitri (he doesn't like clutter). I am an avid thrift shopper and I have a ton of clothes, but there's also a ton I don't wear anymore or have never worn. I've gone through a small portion of my clothes and I already have almost three buckets worth to get rid of! :)

Onto the nails!

To start, I applied two coats of Color Club French Tip as a base for the water marble. I bought this polish because Cristine of Simply Nailogical thinks it's the best white creme, but I'm definitely liking Cirque Carpe Diem more! In two coats French Tip still wasn't opaque, though I didn't swap out the brush for a thicker one like Cristine suggested.

On my other nails, I went in with three coats of Renaissance Cosmetics Spring Found Me! It was super easy to work with and all of the pastel microglitters in it are so adorable!

Next, I coated my skin up to my first knuckle in Bliss Kiss Simply Peel for easier cleanup. I then did a water marble with the following four American Apparel polishes: Coney Island (pink), L'Esprit (purple), California Trooper (nude) and The Valley (blue)!

After a bit of dry time I added a coat of Essie Good To Go to all my nails and I was done!

I kind of think water marble nails as accent nails are about 1000X less cool than doing your whole hand, so I think water marble nails are an all or nothing kind of thing. Next time I'll do all my nails! What do you guys think of this look or this Renaissance Cosmetics polish? I'm loving the brand already!

Thanks so much for having a look everyone! I'll be back with another Renaissance Cosmetics polish pretty soon! Happy Friday! =)

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