Monday, 2 February 2015

Glittery Aqua to Purple Gradient Nails Featuring B Squared Lacquer Polishes!

Hey everyone! Today I have some gradient nail art to share!

I've been doing better motivation-wise lately and by tomorrow afternoon I'll have written my first midterm in each of my classes. I've felt really good about the other ones I've written and unlike last semester I think I'll do well on all of my first midterms! I've also been tutoring my second cousin in math recently and I'm so happy that it has been going well! He's really understanding things and I'm so glad that I can help with that! What have you guys been up to lately? In nail-related news I got a proper soft box and these are the first pictures I've taken with it. What do you guys think of the pictures? Do they look any different?

Onto the nails!

I started off with three coats of OPI My Vampire is Buff and a coat of top coat (Essie Good to Go). I love MViB for the colour but I really dislike the formula. Even three average to slightly thick and careful coats won't get this polish opaque on all of my nails. I wanted to use it as a base for nail art in a way that would let it show through, but then I just ended up sponging over it and covering it completely :P.

A day or two later was when I did the gradient. I painted a thick stripe of B Squared Lacquer All Aboard and one of Purple Unicorns beside that on a dampened sponge. I sponged on three layers of the colours, making sure to paint more polish onto the sponge between each nail.

I then decided it was missing something so I slapped on a coat of OPI Pirouette My Whistle followed by a coat of top coat. I did a whole lot of cleanup and I was done!

What do you guys think of these nails? I thought they came out a little too subtle and pale but now that I look at the pictures I don't think so as much. Let me know!

Thanks so much for having a look everyone! I think this will be the week that I start posting twice a week, so I'll be back with some green viney/brainish nails on Thursday! Happy Monday! =)

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