Monday, 26 January 2015

Dark Green Glittery Nails Featuring Hex Nail Jewelry Charms and Star Candy Polish Orion!

Hey everybody! Today I have some nails featuring some Hex Nail Jewelry and some Star Candy Polish to share!

I'm currently in my busiest week of the semester, which in a way I'm happy about because I'm getting it over with fairly early. I have lab write-ups, pre-labs, midterms and lots of tutoring to do! I'm still struggling with having the motivation to work on those things (apart from tutoring) but I'm trying to make myself work on it because I really have to. Do you guys have a lot of stuff to do this week too? Anyway, onto the nails!

I started off with two easy coats of Revlon Rain Forest, a gorgeous dark green polish with gold shimmer throughout. Then, on all of my nails except the ones I planned to put charms on, I applied one coat of Star Candy Polish Orion (I posted about it previously, here). I adhered the charms to my nails with a glob of top coat, and I applied one coat of top coat to most of my nails and two to the ones with charms (as always, Essie Good to Go).

These nails turned out a little more fancy and glamorous than I'm used to, but I found them so pretty that I didn't mind.

The studs stayed on for the duration I wore these nails for (at least two days, I'm not sure how long exactly) and weren't threatening to fall off. I really love Hex Nail Jewelry for that, their charms stay on very well!

How cool is this Sun charm? I know my right hand can't pose without looking ridiculous, I'm sorry!

What do you guys think of these nails or these charms? I'd love to know! I'll be back with some pastel gradient nails in a week that you would have seen if you follow me on Instagram! Happy Monday! :)


  1. these really are classy nails! I love that revlon polish!

  2. Thank you so much! I really love it too! I found it at a Dollarama so if you have one in your part of Canada you should check there for super cheap polishes! =)