Thursday, 31 October 2013

Cartoony Halloween Nails!

Hi everyone! Today I have a Halloween skittle mani to share!

Yesterday we went to my boyfriend's house for the night, so I brought a bunch of nail polish stuff to school so I could do my nails at his house. This means I've been carrying around the ten polishes I used for these nails plus my base and top coat and other supplies for two days now haha! There is one colour I can't tell you the name of in this mani, because I ended up mixing my green, orange and purple to make it! Except for forgetting to pack a brown (though I guess I could have done the stem bit green if I had used a different base colour for the pumpkin nails) I actually feel like I prepared really well for this mani. I ended up using every polish I brought with me on at least one nail!

After dinner I painted my boyfriend's stepmom's toes with the purple seen here (Color Club Pucci-licious) and I added cute little square gold studs to her big toes! In other words, I had a super polished-packed night, the best kind of night!

Sorry I didn't post these any sooner, I didn't have access to my sister's camera and my light box and lamps until now! I posted these nails when I was almost done with them yesterday on Instagram, so definitely follow me there because between here and Instagram, I usually post every three days or less! I also post ridiculous pictures of myself which I also did yesterday! I'm going to go ahead and embed the picture here because I want to show off my adorable new cat ear hat! Isn't it the best? :)

Anyway, asides aside, for these nails I only used two (well three if you count my cleanup brush) brushes! I picked up four new brushes from Michaels on the weekend and I love them all! Well, I haven't actually tried one of them yet, but I'm very excited to! For everything except the gradient I used a 12/0 liner brush, and for the gradient I used a big fluffy brush to mix the different proportions of blue and black and to apply the mixtures to my nails! I almost forgot, I also used an eyeshadow sponge because I bought a pack of them at the dollar store for gradient purposes! I used the sponge to lightly apply my black holographic polish on the tips of my thumbs!

Anyways, onto the polishes used and then the pictures!

Red creme- American Apparel Poppy
Holographic red- Northern Star Polish Ki-Ki-Ma-Ma
Orange- China Glaze Oh How Street It Is
Yellow- Color Club Almost Famous
Green- Essie Mojito Madness
Blue- Essie Mesmerized
Purple- Color Club Pucci-licious
White- OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Black creme- Orly Liquid Vinyl
Holographic black- Color Club Beyond

Here's my right hand! I'll only ever do a design I can do on both hands, so I kind of have to stick to simple cartoony designs haha!

Thanks so much for reading everyone, let me know what you think of these in the comments! Happy Halloween! :)


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  2. cannot believe you did this on both hands! it's amazing and adorable, I love the thumb nail in particular. please come paint my nails for me :)