Sunday, 11 August 2013

OPI Black Shatter over Zoya Miranda!

Hello everybody! Today I have a crackle over textured polish look to share with you all!

I finally picked up some non-acetone remover so the next post you see from me will feature some Hex Nail Jewelry!

I broke my no-buy in a big way two days ago because a thrift store near my house had a 50% off sale for certain clothing items. I bought mostly fall clothes, so it was just back to school shopping right? :P I realized that I ended up getting 50% off of everything because the cashier lady must have messed up! Anyways, my friend Sarah and I decided to film our haul and film a little lookbook of us wearing the clothes! The videos will be up on her channel within a week, so if you're curious, here's her channel!

Onto the nails!

Zoya Miranda and OPI Black Shatter

This is two coats of Zoya Miranda underneath one coat of OPI Black Shatter! How awesome does this look? This idea was brought to me by the author of Blueberry Nails, you can check out her blog here!

Zoya Miranda and OPI Black Shatter

Zoya Miranda and OPI Black Shatter

Thanks for reading everybody! :)


  1. very neat, almost looks reptilian. I am going to need a no buy soon, been really bad lately!

    1. It does, it looks so cool! Haha I'm thinking of doing one for real starting today, we should do one together and motivate each other! :)