Friday, 14 June 2013

Random Designs on a Nude Base!

For some reason gradients never work out well for me, my cuticles get stained and my clean up is never sufficient. Luckily Sarah at Chalkboard Nails will be posting a gradient tutorial soon, hers always seem to work out perfectly! Anyways, that's why I have another nail art post for you all today!

Onto the pictures and polishes used!

American Apparel Mannequin

I started off with one (yes, one!) coat of American Apparel's Mannequin. It looks nude in certain lights and these pictures, but it's quite a peachy colour in others. I think American Apparel is my favourite brand of nail polish!

The yellow I used was American Apparel's Neon Yellow, the pink was Essie Mod Square, and the red was my favourite red ever, American Apparel's Poppy!

Thanks for reading!

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