Friday, 19 September 2014

Nails I've Never Posted: Take One!

Hey everyone! Today I have five manis I've never posted to share!

So I guess I shouldn't make promises about when I'm going to post next, I should just do it as often as I can and get into some kind of schedule :P. I had some pictures ready to go several days ago but they were so colour inaccurate that I didn't see any reason to post them. After that, a cold hit me like a ton of bricks that I'm still suffering from. There's this constant phlegm in my throat that no amount of water will displace (sorry if tmi) so I feel like I'm almost choking all day long. After taking a bit of a break from nails and a massive break from reading the blogs I follow (that I'm not sure I can ever catch up on) I really am excited and madly in love with nails again!

School-wise things have been pretty boring and all of my lectures have been reviews. There is one class that will be definitely include things I haven't heard before and one that will probably involve some new stuff, but it looks like my other two classes cover exactly the same things as the second year versions of them. Hopefully they'll be in slightly more detail or else what the heck am I paying for? :P Anyways, onto the nails!

Sonnetarium Raspberry Sorbet

First up we have Sonnetarium Raspberry Sorbet, which is surprisingly orange and maybe slightly different than the majority of the ones they sell. I love it anyway and I'll have to wear it again and get some proper swatch pics! I think this is two coats (but I think it would have benefitted from a third) and definitely a coat of top coat!

Sonnetarium Cucumber Salad

Next up we have another adorable Sonnetarium polish called Cucumber Salad! What you see here is two coats (I think) and a coat of top coat!

Here we have the only nail art I did while in Switzerland, using two coats (I think) of Sinful Colors Dreamer, some OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around and a coat of top coat. I really love my nails this short and the next time you see them they'll be about this short! 

Revlon Entice

Next we have the only other nails I did in Switzerland, just two coats of Revlon Entice and a coat of top coat (again, probably two coats, I'm not 100% positive).

Sonia Kashuk Sweet Dreams

Finally, we have a horribly colour inaccurate picture of the polish I mentioned at the beginning of this post. This is one super easy coat of Sonia Kashuk Sweet Dreams, a much more purple polish than it looks here. It is still a pink polish but it has quite a bit of purple mixed in. Below you can see a much more colour accurate picture of it that I posted on my Instagram!

What do you guys think of any of these looks? I'd love to know in the comments!

Thanks so much for having a look everyone! Again, I'm not sure what I'll have for you next but I'll probably paint my nails tonight and post a picture on Instagram! I also have at least four more manis I've never posted on here to share in another post like this! Happy Friday! =)

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