Thursday, 14 August 2014

Peachy Yellow to Pink Gradient!

Hey everyone! Today I have a peachy gradient to share!

Whew, it feels like I've been so busy lately! I've fallen very behind in reading blog posts from the lovely ladies I follow, and clearly I haven't been blogging myself lately! My family has three weddings to go to in the next three weekends and all four of us will be taking pictures or videos at least two of them! So things are getting a little crazy leading up to our first wedding in two days.

Peachy Yellow to Pink Gradient

In addition to taking pictures I'm also the nail girl for many people going to these different weddings! For the wedding this weekend (in other words, tomorrow) I'm doing the bride's, her mother's, my grandma's, and probably my mom's, my sister's and my nails! I'll be sure to take pictures and I think I'll do a blog post about them! Anyways, onto these nails!

Peachy Yellow to Pink Gradient

To start I applied two thickish coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and a coat of top coat (Essie Good to Go). The next day I painted stripes of OPI I Just Can't Cope-a-cabana, Essie Tart Deco, and Essie Cute as a Button on a damp makeup sponge, and sponged one to two coats on all of my nails. I applied one more coat of top coat and I was done!

Peachy Yellow to Pink Gradient

I wore these nails for a crazy amount of time; eight days for the white base and a week for the gradient! See how busy I've been? :P These pictures were taken on day four of the gradient, and even on day seven there was only tip wear to the point of seeing the white base, not my nail!

Peachy Yellow to Pink Gradient

Thanks so much for reading everyone! What do you think of these nails? I'd love to hear in the comments! I have a gorgeous textured polish to share with you very soon! Happy Thursday! =)

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