Sunday, 8 June 2014

Art Deco/Abstract Basketball Nail Art!

Hey everyone! Today I have some art deco/abstract basketball nail art to share!

I've been gone for so long! I think I finally took the break I needed and now I can be motivated enough to post more often. I'm aiming for every two days because I have tons of time to paint my nails! Also, my giveaway ended and I've chosen a winner, congratulations Lindsay! She has already replied to my email so I won't be picking a new winner.

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I think it would be super fun to do some little giveaways like this every once and a while, what do you guys think? Anyways, onto the nails!

Art Deco/Abstract Basketball Nail Art

This mani is my last go at art deco nail art for the September/October issue of Nail It magazine! It has been so fun working off of the prompts and I can't wait until the next prompts are announced! 

Art Deco/Abstract Basketball Nail Art

I started off with two coats of OPI Toucan Do It If You Try, then I went in with a small paint brush and Revlon Rich Raspberry for the lines! 

Art Deco/Abstract Basketball Nail Art

Toucan Do It If You Try had a similar formula to another polish I picked up from this collection, I Just Can't Cope-acabana. They both seemed pretty opaque at one coat and seemed like they'd be two coaters, but after the second (thicker) coat there were still some bald spots. I also seem to find small black specks in some light OPI cremes, like in this polish, and it ended up on my right hand's thumb.

Art Deco/Abstract Basketball Nail Art

Does anyone else go over their nail art twice for the lines to be more opaque? I do it a lot because I feel like it has to be opaque for some reason! I guess I wouldn't really recommend Rich Raspberry for nail art because I had to go over everything again and it still wasn't totally opaque. It has a crelly/jelly formula but it is opaque in two coats on its own, so I'll probably stick to using it as a base for nail art.

Art Deco/Abstract Basketball Nail Art

Thank you so much for reading everyone! I got my blog mojo back and I'm so happy about it! Stay tuned for a lot more fun posts very soon! Happy Sunday! =)

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